Lady Antebellum SURGES past all the funny business and right into the top ten, while Hunter Hayes is dethroned of the number one spot! See all the action inside the Top 10 Hot Country Songs on the Billboard Chart!

10. 'Somebody's Heartbreak' by Hunter Hayes


Ed Rode, GettyImages

Hunter Hayes is in the Top 10 TWICE this week! 'Somebody's Heartbreak' is new to the Top 10, but it's not his first song to be here and it won't be the last! We're lookin' forward to more Hunter Hayes music!

9. 'Downtown' by Lady Antebellum


Capitol Nashville

'Downtown' is an INSTANT hit! This is definitely one of those songs that you'll wanna roll down your windows and play it really loud! Up 3 spots from number 12, 'Downtown' is at number 9 this week!

8. 'Every Storm Runs Out of Rain' by Gary Allan


Staying well within the Top 10, but dropping two spots from last week, Gary Allan is now in the number 8 spot this week.

7. 'Cruise' by Florida Georgia Line


We've said it before and we'll say it again, 'Cruise' will NOT be this duo's last song in the Top 10 ! Not movin' an inch or givin' it up, this hit sticks with the number 7 spot this week!

 6. 'Tornado' by Little Big Town


Little Big Town is making their way up and up the chart, fighting for another number spot in the bag. This week they move up to number 6!

5. 'Two Black Cadillacs' by Carrie Underwood

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Dropping one spot from last week, Carrie Underwood is still rockin' in the Top 10 with 'Two Black Cadillacs'!

4. 'One of Those Nights' by Tim McGraw

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Pulling the 'ole switch-a-roo' with Carrie, Tim moved up one spot this week from last week, putting him at number 4!

3. 'Better Dig Two' by The Band Perry

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Inside the Top THREE once again, the sibling trio is proving that they are here to play hard ball and keep the great hits coming! 'Better Dig Two' is sticking at number 3 this week.

2. 'Wanted' by Hunter Hayes

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Nothing wrong with being number two AT ALL! Hunter Hayes was formerly number one, but this hit is his first number one and like many hits inside the Top 10, it won't be his last! Congrats again goin' out to Hunter for being the youngest artist here and makin' it big!

1. 'Sure Be Cool If You Did' by Blake Shelton


Just like we were sure it would be, 'Sure Be Cool If You Did' is now NUMBER ONE!!!

And that wraps up this week's Billboard Country Top 10 Chart Watch! My names Alyssa, thanks for reading!