The Red Raiders and Texas A&M may have for now played for the last time. Again it was a classic battle. The Aggies prevailed in the finale 45 to 40.

Tech had their chances, but there were too mistakes, plus they had a hard time stopping the Aggie ground game.


Then the game changer. With Tech trailing 31 to 23, Tech's Donnie Carona lined up for a 50 yard field goal. But the Aggies blocked it and Terrence Frederick pick up the ball and went 63 yards for a touchdown making it 38 to 23.

It's going to be a little different without the Aggies around. It was always a big time in Lubbock when the Aggies came to town.

I was at the game when Tech's Zach Thomas intercepted an Aggies pass and ran it back for a touchdown for a Red Raider win.

I remember the game where former head coach Jerry Moore and his staff couldn't decided whether to go for two or one. There was so much confusion that Tech went for two, failed to make it and lost the game.

Now the Aggies are headed to the SEC and it's just going to be different in the neighborhood.