They just thought they could get away with it....little does Abercrombie & Fitch know about the power of having MILLIONS of tweens at your back, which Taylor Swift does. Now they know.


A&F recently came under all kinds of fire by outraged Taylor Swift fans for a shirt the company was selling that poked fun at her very active dating life.

'Swifties' as they call themselves, mobbed the corporate phones, emails, mailboxes, and even took to YouTube to voice their frustration about the shirt.

These loyal fans really left A&F with no other choice. The shirt has been removed from stores and A&F tweeted their official apology to Swifties saying:


While many of us are guilty of making Taylor Swift the butt of a joke or two, I have no clue what made the company believe they could actually get away with this....? They didn't even use the right rules for writing a hashtag. #uneducated.