This Saturday the Grand Ole Opry will say thanks to Vince Gill for 20 years as a member. So I was thinking, what are my two favorite Vince Gill songs.

This is a hard choice because there are some many of the them. But the ones that stand out to me are "When I Call Your Name" and "Pocket Full Of Gold."

"When I Call Your Name" is the title song from the album that came out in 1989 that sold over one million copies. The song went on to win single of the year at the CMA's. One of the reasons I like this song is that it features one of my favorite female singers Patty Loveless.

"Pocket Full Of Gold" was the title song from the of the same name. This album also sold one million copies.

So here are two of my favorite Vince Gill songs and congratulations to him as member of the Grand Ole Opry for 20 years.