Friday's Taylor Swift show has come and gone and although the 22 semi-truck trailers and 10 or so buses it took to transport her crew have left, the memories made during the sold out show remain fresh in everyone's minds who were lucky enough to see the show. 99.5 the Bear is proud to have been able to participate in giving away a bunch of tickets and truly special prizes like the one from CoverGirl Cosmetics. We've already received a great thank you note from Xandi Ferguson which makes it all worth while:

Hi! My name is Xandi Ferguson. I won tickets on the Rick & Jane show Thursday morning to see Taylor Swift. I had been trying all week to win & finally got through, I was so excited. I have an 7yr old sister Lakyn, who's birthday is Monday, and she had been dying to go see Taylor. I got to surprise her at school with an early birthday present! I just wanted to thank you guys for doing contests like this. I know it's more of a promotional thing, but it really, really meant a lot to me to win and to be able to take Lakyn. Our seats were fantastic and the concert was a AMAZING, the night couldn't have been any better! She's now telling everyone about her "best birthday present ever!" I attached a couple of pictures from the concert so that you guys could see how very happy you made a special little girl! Anyway, thank you guys again for what you do! 99.5 The Bear ROCKS!!!!!

Xandi Ferguson

Thanks for Writing Xandi!