I can't believe I'm sharing this with everyone. This is one of those videos that my mother insisted on showing every person that walked into the house and hasn't seen it yet so they could be in on the family inside jokes about me... so here you go Lubbock. It's a peek inside my past.....

It's officially the first day of Spring! Thank goodness warmer weather is on the way to find us because I don't know how many more of these cold fronts I could handle!

So in honor of it being spring, my wonderful mother ( I say that both sarcastically and mean it. She is wonderful, but not right now! )  decided to post this notorious video of myself singing my Springtime song to Facebook.

There's just no fighting it anymore. I am embracing it and sharing it so everyone will now be in on the family joke about me! At least I'm cute, right?

Here's a little background behind this video for you:

That not-as-cute-as-me kid sitting next to myself is my older brother, James. (oh yes, James. If I'm posting this, you will be dragged into it, too!) This video is a clip of HIS interview mom was doing of him before he graduated kindergarten. I'm the brat who couldn't be left out of a camera op! Notice- how he bails the second I finally get my demanded attention! ha ha

Hope everyone enjoys this peek into my past!

I can't believe I just shared this!