There is something to be said for the special bond the forms between a boy and his coach.  I’ve had the privilege of watching these relationships form – and it makes my heart smile.

As you know by now – it was announced on Monday that Coach Kent Jackson will be leaving the Lubbock Coronado Mustangs and returning to him hometown of Seminole.

Coach Jackson is the football coach and Athletic Director for Lubbock Coronado; but moreover, he is a leader, a mentor and a “Father” to those high school athletes.  I know this because my son is one of his football players.

Monday night my son came into my bedroom in panic stating that “MOM – COACH JACKSON IS LEAVING CORONADO?  I JUST CAME ACROSS MY NEWSFEED!  IS IT TRUE??!!”

Elizabeth Jackson

I had no idea if this news was true or not.  But Jake just KNEW I would know the answer because not only am I in the media, but I am the booster club president for the Coronado football team.  And not only that – if you know Coach Kent Jackson, you KNOW that his preferred way of delivering news such as this to his athletes is in person…using his words…that come out of his mouth.  But sadly – social media and the like robbed Coach Jackson of that opportunity and instead after the news broke Monday night he posted this message at 11pm on the Coronado High School Football Facebook fan page:

 “Coronado Football Community,

I want to apologize to each of you players, especially, and parents that social media has changed the world as we know it in regards to allowing things to go in the order they should and in the order we want them to go. It has been my intention all along to have the players hear this news from me if, in fact, the opportunity in Seminole developed. Obviously, it has. I regret that I did not get to talk to the players first and then send this correspondence to each of you personally.”

(You may read the entire message here.)

As I drove my son to school this morning and dropped him off, I could see the dread in his face because he knew that he was about to hear Coach Jackson confirm the fact that he is leaving.  And it was breaking his heart.

And this afternoon when I spoke to my son at lunch he said to me “Well, it’s true Mom.  Coach Jackson is leaving.”“I know son – it will be OK though.”“No it won’t Mom” and proceeded to walk away.

Coach Kent Jackson with players at Nightmare on 19th Street

Because I have been fortunate to work closely with Coach Jackson for the last 3 years in the booster club – I have watched the relationships develop between him and his athletes.  He is a “Father” to those who do not have one; he is a “Friend” to those who want one; he is a “Stern hand” to those that need one and he is “Protector” to all of the above and everyone in between.

And that is why even though Coach Jackson will only be about 60 miles down the road – those 60 miles will feel like 6 million miles to his players, their parents and anyone who had the privilege of working with him at Coronado High School.  And I know that I for one will miss him dearly.

So thank you Coach Jackson for loving my son and all of those athletes as much as you do and for helping us parents raise respectable young adults!  We are happy you are going back home and we wish you, Elizabeth, Trenton and Randall all the best of luck!!  <TWO CLAPS>

The Hoofbeats are many...the heartbeat is One!!


Jennifer Spieker