If you've called in sick and then post your party pictures on Facebook for the world, and your employer to see, that seems pretty fair to be called out on, but what about being banned from the Olympics for a racist joke that you tweeted?

"Think before you speak!"...or in this case, Tweet.

One Olympic hopeful is finding this out the hard way now that she is being banned, by her own country, to be allowed to participate in London for this year's summer Olympics over a racist joke she tweeted.

Voula Papachristou is a triple jump champion and was part of the team set to compete in London, but plans for her participation are being changed.

On July, 23rd she tweeted a joke on her personal twitter account saying: "With so many Africans in Greece...At least the West Nile Mosquitoes will eat some home made food!!!"

In an attempt to apologize afterwards, Papchristou tweeted a follow up tweet on July 25th saying: "I apologize if I have insulted people! I have no minglings with politics, I am only an athlete."

An official announcement is expected to be made soon concerning Papachristou's expulsion, but the President of the Greece Olympic Committee took decision to have her expelled.

So, is there a gray area in this matter or should employers, or directors of groups you participate in, be allowed to terminate you because of comments made on personal social networks?