These five cemeteries in Lubbock County have each been named a Historic Texas Cemetery. And some are said to be the site of paranormal activity.

Halloween is the spookiest, creepiest most frightening time of the year, especially if you like all that stuff and you just look around a little and listen.

What is a ghostly occurrence and where are you most likely to find one? A good place to start is somewhere old. Somewhere like a cemetery.

The St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans is reportedly the most haunted in the United States. Of course, there are well-known tales of Lubbock legend Buddy Holly's grave being haunted.

If a cemetery is haunted, what can you expect? Well, crying and moaning from the crypts is a start. Top this off with a wide range of visually bizarre twists of light in mid-air. And anything from a strange fog to a translucent human figure or a face glowing on the wall of a tomb and you know what to look for if you dare to investigate.

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    Becton Cemetery

    16202 N C R 3600

    Designated as a historic site in 2004, Becton Cemetery's first burial was in 1932. The founder of the cemetery, Abner M. Becton, along wife his wife Cornelia are both buried there under a joint tombstone that reads "They died as they lived, Christians." [Source]

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    Estacado Cemetery

    13202 N C R 3900

    Estacado Cemetery is reportedly the oldest cemetery in the South Plains. Ghostly activity has been captured in pictures there, including floating orbs.

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    Idalou Cemetery

    10802 E. Highway 62-82

    J.W. "Uncle Bill" Turner donated this 7.3 acre cemetery in 1921 in order to have a place to bury his nephew's baby [Source]

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    City of Lubbock Cemetery

    2011 E. 31st St.

    Founded in March 1892, the City of Lubbock Cemetery's first burial was Henry Jenkins, a Cochran County Cowboy who died of pneumonia. Joseph R. Coleman was the first Lubbockite who was buried there. [Source]

    Buddy Holly has a gravestone there that is supposedly haunted. Some visitors have reported hearing some of Buddy's music playing near his gravestone.

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    Englewood Cemetery

    1100 N. 20th St., Slaton

    This cemetery in Slaton is the final resting place for some of those who fought in the Civil War. [Source]

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