Since I was a little girl, I have had a great love for music, theater and dance - but moreover I have always loved singing.  Granted I have never had a beautiful angelic sounding voice - but I can carry a little bit of a tune.  I'm not tone deaf - however I've never been taught how to control my voice to keep from going sharp or flat.  Between ballet lessons, piano lessons and community theater - I didn't have time for private voice lessons to develop that skill.  I only took choir in junior high and high school.

Which leads me to #4 on My Bucket List.  I have always wanted to sing in a band.  Wait - don't get me wrong - I don't want to be a famous rock star and sing in concerts in front of thousands of people - NO.  I want to sing cover songs in a local band in front of maybe a couple hundred people.  That's all.  And while I can play piano (keyboard) - I don't want to mess with that - I only want to sing.  I want to jump around on a stage singing my favorite rock and country songs with someone playing guitar to my right, bass to my left and drums behind me.  But I want to sing cover songs!

Which is why I love karaoke.  LOVE karaoke.  I love it because I can sing any song I want - but most importantly, I love it because the stereotypical karaoke singer has usually had a few adult beverages and therefore when I am off key I can blame it on the Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ALCOHOL!  But there is one drawback to karaoke - I have to wait my turn - and apparently I'm not the only one out there summoning their inner Carrie Underwood while pretending that everyone in the bar came out just to see you! (What?  Don't judge me!)

So for Mother's Day, I received a sweet karaoke set-up.  Which means, every night at my house will be "Open Jam with Amy Lee"!  And who knows - maybe someday I will get to sing my favorite cover songs with a local band and mark that off my bucket list!