So, we've been attacked by a nasty cold front...highs in the upper 20's for the next two days. This took me out back to inspect my stock of firewood, but alas, I felt like Old Mother Hubbard because my stock pile is bare.

Options, run off to a chain store and buy those instant burning logs, or go on-line and find someone local who sells the real thing.

Given the choice, I love the smell of a burning wood log in the fireplace, which prompts one to ask, "Where else would you burn it".

I didn't plan well enough it seems. Oh sure I heard the forecast of this artic blast but was so busy trying to find an ice scraper for my car that the blast blew in before I did. This winter finds my car, for the first time being left out in the elements while I'm at work and I'm still trying to figure out how vinegar and a water solution is suppose to keep ice from forming on my windshield. This morning one of my co-workers asked me if I was spraying hot water on my windshield, I told her about the vinegar and water, she just looked at me and said, "well, if it works let me know", it didn't so I won't.

So, with the temperature being 19 right now, but feeling like 8 above, I'll keep my coat on in the house to stay warm and save money on my electric bill. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions as to where I can buy firewood...please let me know.