Have you seen the forecast for this week? Old Man Winter is coming back to Lubbock, and it’s time to get ready for ice pellets, snow and the bitter cold. 72 today is delicious, 31 tomorrow with a 40% chance of ice pellets, not so much.

One of the things on my long list of things to get done is get the car washed so that when the skies drop ice and snow, the dirt doesn’t eat into the paint. Other ways to prepare is to put a 10 pound bag of sand in the trunk, a candy bar in the glove compartment, toss a blanket in the back seat and make sure that a can of soda pop isn’t hiding under the seat, waiting to explode once the temperature drops.

Here is what Mother Nature has in store this week:
Tomorrow – high of 31 with a 40% chance of ice pellets
Friday – high of 31 and cloudy
Saturday – high of 24 with a slight chance of snow

That’s enough for me to drag a load of fire logs inside, stock the fridge, try and find a pair of matching gloves and give up my battle with hat hair.

And do what I do, don’t search the internet for your daily forecast, just stop by here and get the latest updates on the right hand side of our home website.

Stay warm, stay happy, stay safe!