Numbers are still being confirmed, but at least 14 people were shot fatally and, as of now, 39 were wounded when a man opened fire on citizens at a Colorado theater late last night.

A city block is being locked down and residents of an apartment complex in Aurora, Co. are being asked to evacuate while authorities search the home of the suspect who opened fire on citizens at a midnight screening of the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises.

Reports are still coming in, but authorities are saying now that a 24 year old man, dressed in black and wearing a mask entered a screening of The Dark Knight Rises last night and opened fire.

Several witnesses are saying that he entered the theater, threw a can of tear gas and then began shooting.

Police found one handgun, one rifle, and at least one other weapon in the suspect's vehicle. Authorities have not released the suspect's name, yet. President Obama released a statement to the press early this morning after being informed and  is expected to comment further on the incident.

Unfortunately, these movies have a reputation for being filled with action, fighting, shooting, and explosions. So normally when most people would have instinctively reacted at the first sign of trouble, the mood and expectations of the movie numbed viewers, most of who, claimed they thought it was a movie stunt and just part of the midnight premiere.

Our hearts go out to the victims families and wish all the best for the reported wounded still in recovery.