With over a half a billion dollars up for grabs in tonight's mega mega power-whatever multi-ball bonanza lottery, I expect there are a bunch of folks who truly believe it may very well be their lucky day. The odds are incredibly large, and would have to be to win the big cash. Heck, if you just ended up with 3 or 4 numbers the payoff will be huge, so there is more than one way to "win" in the lottery. The last time the lottery was big like this was when 370 million was up for grabs and unfortunately there are a bunch of really bad luck stories that go along with that particular drawing. If you win, will YOU be one of those folks that spends it all on your huge entourage, or donate it ALL to charity and forget to leave some for yourself? It's happened, so just in case someone who reads this wins a large amount of cash, no matter what size it is, here are the things to do before you do anything else. That includes before you call your mom and tell her that you are rich.

1. Keep quiet. Don't tell anyone you've won. Keep your privacy, you don't want John Berry from KCBD on your lawn asking for a loan.

2. Read the instructions. Sign your name on it, unless it says not to. Make a copy and put it in a safe place.

3. Hire an attorney and not one you see on TV.

4. If it was a group win, form a partnership.

5. Explore your relationships with spouses or significant others especially if the ticket was purchased with "mutual" funds.

6. Look at gifting to charities or family for tax advantages.

7. Form a blind trust with your attorney, so you can spend your money while staying anonymous.

8. Take annual payments over a lump sum. That way you can make mistakes spending your money.

9. Don't quit your day job. Somethings got to keep you from shopping all day long.

10. Be smart and treat your family well. They were there before you won all that money.